How do we protect savings against inflation? First, invest in our project through bonds denominated in euros. Second, buy an unforgettable experience on board the catamaran.

Investment opportunity & Stay on board a catamaran – we offer bonds issued to cover the costs of the unique Escape to Pacific project. You have the chance to support a meaningful project focused on the conservation of marine animals, coral reefs and research by marine biologists. The international team will monitor the effects of climate change and ocean warming on the quality of the underwater world. Come and personally participate in the filming, spend a few days with the team on the catamaran and at the same time have a stable income in euros for several years. Become an investor, a project partner and a member of the Escape to Nature team simultaneously. Each owner of at least one Bond will receive a 20% discount on a one-week stay on the new catamaran.

A unique experience – personal participation in the filming of a documentary series with a team of professional filmmakers and marine biologists, a stay in one of the luxuriously equipped cabins on the Lagoon 55 catamaran and a personal experience of filming a new series in the most amazing places of our planet will be an unforgettable adventure for every project participant.

We are issuing five-year bonds for our Escape to Pacific project in two terms. The first Issue of bonds (40 units) was registered in July 2020. The second Issue of bonds is planned for the start of 2023. The bonds are registered with the Czech National Bank and the Central Securities Depository in Prague (CDCP), Czech Republic.

Only ten bonds from the first Issue are on sale!!! … payable within three years.

Name of the first bond issue: Escape to Nature 5.00 / 2025 I.

Issuer: Escape to Nature B.V.
ID 77358880, LEI 315700CNTDK3S4V8ZE10
with its registered office at Herengracht 420, 1017BZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands;
entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce (KVK), the Netherlands; RSIN: 860982844; KvK: 77358880

ISIN ID Code: CZ0000001268
Issuer’s bank account No: NL26 BUNQ 2044 5589 04; BIC/SWIFT: BUNQNL2AXXX
The nominal value of the Bond: EUR 10,000 (ten thousand Eur)
Form of Bonds: Securities to order
Type of Bonds: Certificated securities
Issue price: 100% of the nominal value of Bonds as of Issue Date
Minimal investment: 1 (one) Bond
Issue date: 1 July 2020
Issue period: The issue period for the subscribing Bonds commences on 1 July 2020 and ends on 30 June 2021 with an option for extension
Additional issue period: May be exercised.
Estimated volume of Issue: EUR 400,000 (four hundred thousand Eur)
Maximum volume of Issue: EUR 400,000 (four hundred thousand Eur)
Bond numbers: 001 to 040
Yield: Fixed-rate 5.0% per year (per annum)
Start of first yield period: 1 July 2020
Day of entitlement to payment of yield: Annually, always as of 30 June each year until the redemption
Decisive day for repayment of nominal yield: Always as of 30 June
Early redemption day: As of yield redemption day
Final redemption date: 30 June 2025
The decisive date for repayment of nominal value: 30 June 2025
Issue: Issue of fungible Bonds issued under these Terms of Issue
Bonds: Individual bonds issued within the Issue
Administrator: Issuer
Designated establishment: Herengracht 420, 1017BZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands; e-mail:; tel.: +420 725 838 238

Purpose of the Issue: The funds obtained by the Issue of the Bonds will be used by the Issuer to finance the purchase of the Lagoon 55 Catamaran for the implementation of the Issuer’s project in the next five years. Based on an agreement with Lagoon Catamarans (France) and Altumare (official representative of the catamaran producer), the Issuer ordered and will buy a new specially equipped Lagoon Catamaran for the multi-year project in the Pacific.

The Issuer is gradually planning and implementing all necessary steps to start this project with a voyage from the Australian port of Brisbane (through Cairns) to Port Moresby, the main port of Papua New Guinea. The catamaran will be equipped for the demanding needs of under and above water filming and the long-term working of all team members for several weeks, without the need for frequent returns to civilisation (marinas). The Issuer plans to sell the catamaran before the expiry of the “Bond Maturity Date”, i.e. within five years.

The goal of the project is to shoot exclusive content, approximately 20 hours of documentaries, from the wild Pacific archipelagos. These films will be determined for distribution to television channels and in cinemas worldwide. The Escape to Nature team will sail from Europe to Pacific and then will operate in the Melanesia region, in the archipelagos of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji.

Lagoon 55 Catamaran – Escape to Nature

Escape to Nature B.V. Bond Investment Guarantee – company assets: Lagoon Catamaran; insurance contract for the catamaran for all risks (All-Risk) with Yacht-Pool; copyright revenue generated by the Escape to Pacific document series.

Important notice for partners and investors:
Our project is not and will not be endangered in the event of the continuation of the disease with coronavirus (Covid-19), as our team will move in isolation from civilisation aboard our catamaran. The catamaran will be equipped, so we are not dependent on mooring in ports. The devices will produce our energy using solar panels and generators. We will be independent and eliminate frequent marina stops to refill water tanks. We will produce clean, fresh drinking water from seawater. A watermaker desalination system uses to treat virtually any seawater source into fresh, safe water, which can be used for drinking, bathing, food preparation, deck and exterior wash-downs, and a variety of other uses.

The issuance of bonds and legal documents was legally procured by:
Law Office
Prague / Brno