Founder and Director of the Escape to Nature production.

Lio is an experienced cinematographer and photographer since the late 1990s. As a diving instructor, he has gained much experience in underwater shooting. One of his other skills is the remote control of the drone DJI Inspire 2 and aerial photography.

He is the author of his own photo collection “Underwater Fine Art Nudes” known all over the world.

Lio is a sea captain, environmentalist interested in filming wildlife, marine life, projects aimed at monitoring and protecting the underwater world, encounters with native tribes and their rituals. He cooperate with marine biologist. Lio works closely with marine biologists and scientists who deal with the problems associated with the warming of the planet, pollution of the seas and oceans, and the loss of rare animal species.

On the base of his experience arrange a new longterm project called Escape to Pacific in collaboration with non-profit worldwide organizations, local conservationists and volunteers. More on this website.

Documentary films of the Escape to Nature received more than 85 awards at International film festivals in Europe and the USA.


  • Escape to Costa Rica / trilogy (3x 52′)
  • Escape to Maldives (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Papua-New Guinea (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Vanuatu (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Saint Lucia (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Tahiti and Her Islands (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Mauritius (1x 50′)

Lio is a jury member at international film festivals in 2019: