“Escape to Pacific” – The Marine Wildlife Conservation Project aimed at exploring and observing the ocean in Melanesia

At least 15 hours of television documentaries (15x 52′ / 30x 26′) and feature documentary for distribution to cinemas

Documentaries in 4K resolution, English, and Czech version.
Short videos and presentation of the project in the VR (Virtual Reality via Oculus).

Period Time
The campaign of the project will start in late summer 2021
Filming period – the beginning of 2022 until the end of 2025

Project Goal
We are currently experiencing the most significant loss of biodiversity on our planet. There is not much time left for change, and there is a need to intervene politically, economically, and ecologically on a global scale. Therefore, it is time for each of us to make a crucial decision on how to contribute to and support the increase in climate literacy and raise awareness of the effects of climate change among people of all generations. Our unique documentary series will focus on our civilization’s actions that significantly impact marine life and ocean pollution. Our goal is to support changes in people’s attitudes and behavior, especially during the filming of our planet’s true beauty. We will contribute to protecting our oceans, coral reefs, and marine life through our shots and our own and guest’s stories. Our project’s significant support and seriousness will be provided by guests from famous world celebrities’ ranks. The project will be created during the filming on the most remote islands of our planet.

The Pitch – for downloading:


Escape to Pacific

With over a decade of experience in documentaries’ production for TV broadcasting, we are now in an ideal position to embark on this challenging project. We are experts for filming underwater and using drones (UAS) for aerial filming. Our work has been recognized with over 90 awards at international film festivals in Czech Republic, Europe, and the USA.

We will film and live on aboard the catamaran where we will have spent at least eight months a year. This way we may have a better chance to capture a time-lapse on specific destinations and observe changes in the environment and behavior of animals throughout the year.

We focus on monitoring the impacts of climate changes on marine life and ocean pollution. Currently, the world is experiencing the most significant loss of biodiversity on our planet. We plan to work together with conservation organizations, marine biologists, scientists to research and monitor these adverse effects on marine life and Nature on the remote Melanesia archipelagos (part of the Pacific):

  • Papua-New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands
  • Vanuatu
  • New Caledonia
  • Fiji

The conclusion after a detailed and contained research of particular world-known brands of catamaran producers is that the most suitable size of a catamaran for these purposes would be 50′ to 55′ length. We have chosen Catamaran Lagoon 52F, which will be equipped and branded for our project.

We are honored that the Lagoon Catamarans producer will be one of the major partners, and we will cooperate closely with the Club Lagoon and its members on exciting events in the Pacific.
Another important partner of our project is MARES, a producer of professional scuba gear who will support us throughout the project in the Pacific.

Investment Opportunity & Stay aboard the Catamaran – We offer many benefits to partners and sponsors of our upcoming Escape to Pacific project. You have the opportunity to support a unique and meaningful conservation project aimed at marine wildlife, coral reefs, and their monitoring. We will record the effects of climate change and ocean warming on the underwater world’s quality and the ocean. Come and take part in the shooting in person, stay a few days on the catamaran with our team, and have a stable yield in euros for five years. Become an investor, project partner, or member of the Escape to Nature team at the same time. During the project, we will explore unknown places in this Pacific part of our planet.

VR – Virtual Reality
We have established close cooperation with the Victoria VR team, one of the best in processing realistic graphics and virtual reality. We offer to disabled people (children) and bedridden people to the underwater world and invite them to spend with us a time onboard a catamaran. We will deliver the possibility to have the most amazing experiences and feelings that they will be there with us through using the VR glasses (Oculus).

Join a long and exciting journey on the expedition catamaran in the Pacific with the new documentary series’s creators. Enjoy the underwater world in untouched places and learn about its miraculous life. Learn from scientists how to protect the biggest world treasure – the ocean. Anywhere in the world, you can take on VR glasses and experience the learning adventure with us.

Independence on the topic of our project
Escape to Nature is an independent film and photography production that ensures all film making and production costs from its resources. However, there is a co-production with TV Channels. Most of the budget is still dependent on external sources and our partners, sponsors, and investors’ support.

The longstanding catamaran usage during shooting documentary films in exotic destinations (8 months a year) is a guarantee of better quality shots for project parts, as it can provide accommodation and a safe base for Escape to Nature team. Continuous stay on the catamaran of the whole team will allow us more flexibility of movement, self-sufficiency, and selection of locations for shooting according to our current needs.

In connection with our project, we are gradually establishing contacts and cooperating with marine biologists and foundations aimed at protecting the oceans and underwater life.

Independence during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and other global health crises of our time – the important notice for partners and investors:
Our project is not and will not be endangered in the event of the continuation of the disease with coronavirus (Covid-19), as our team will move in isolation from civilization aboard our own catamaran. The catamaran will be equipped so that we are not dependent on a mooring in ports. The devices will produce our own energy using solar panels and generators. We will be independent and eliminating frequent marina stops to refill water tanks. We will produce clean, fresh drinking water from seawater. Watermaker desalination system uses to treat virtually any seawater source into fresh, safe water which can be used for drinking, bathing, food preparation, deck and exterior wash-downs, and a variety of other uses.

We look forward for future partners and sponsors, who may be interested in supporting this unique Project aimed at protecting untouched Nature and Marine Wildlife. Send us an e-mail, click to the “Donations” page or support the Project in any amount right now by clicking on the banner below:

Click on the banner and send any amount
Click on the banner and send any amount

We will regularly provide images and short video clips for free use. This content will be shared free of charge with all partners, sponsors, and those who support us and contribute any amount as a donation to our project. We are preparing our own broadcast internet channel with a connection to social networks, where you will be able to get regularly the latest information from the filming with the possibility of participating in discussions.

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