“Escape to Pacific” – is a marine wildlife conservation project aimed at exploring and observing the ocean in the Pacific, with a focus on monitoring the impacts of climate change and ocean pollution on marine life. Here’s what you need to know:

– A unique television series, online films and a feature-length documentary for distribution to cinemas from the whole adventure
– The voyage by catamaran from France to the Pacific
– Five seasons – on five archipelagos in Melanesia in the Pacific
– Video clips in 360 and 180 degrees in the Escape to Nature virtual reality (VR)
– Escape to Nature video channel on YouTube

Location and Focus
We focus on monitoring the impacts of climate changes on marine life and ocean pollution. Currently, the world is experiencing the most significant loss of biodiversity on our planet. We plan to work with conservation organisations, marine biologists, and scientists to research and monitor these adverse effects on marine life and Nature in the remote Melanesia archipelagos (part of the Pacific).
We have divided this unique project into five seasons. Each of the seasons is focused on one archipelago. There will be three film episodes for television from each archipelago and one feature film at the end of the project.

Period Time
The project campaign began in the summer of 2022
Filming period of the voyage and five seasons in the South Pacific – from 2024 to the end of 2029

  • The voyage from French Bordeaux to Papua New Guinea starts in 2024 (three episodes from the voyage)
  • Papua New Guinea – First season (three episodes) … 2025
  • Solomon Islands – Second season (three episodes) … 2026
  • Vanuatu – Third season (three episodes) … 2027
  • New Caledonia – Fourth season (three episodes) … 2028
  • Fiji – Fifth season (three episodes) … 2029

The start of the filming – The voyage from France to Gran Canaria, continuing across the Atlantic to Saint Lucia, where we will sail and visit several other Caribbean islands with a stop in Miami, Florida. After that, we will continue towards Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica and through the Panama Canal to the Pacific to the Galapagos. Then we will have another long voyage to the Marquesas, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Tonga and the Melanesian archipelagos.

The first season of the Melanesia – Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea – resorts/hotels

Project Goal – we are currently experiencing the most significant loss of biodiversity on our planet. There is not much time left for change, and there is a need to intervene politically, economically, and ecologically on a global scale. Therefore, it is time for each of us to make a crucial decision on how to contribute to and support the increase in climate literacy and raise awareness of the effects of climate change among people of all generations. Our unique documentary series will focus on our civilisation’s actions that significantly impact marine life and ocean pollution.

Our goal is to support changes in people’s attitudes and behaviour, especially during the filming of our planet’s true beauty. We will contribute to protecting our oceans, coral reefs, and marine life through our movies, stories and research. The international catamaran crew consists of experienced marine biologists and diving instructors who are part of the team of this unique expedition.

PITCH of the project:

Partnership – with over a decade of experience in documentary production for TV broadcasting, we are now in an ideal position to embark on this challenging project. We are experts in filming underwater and using drones for aerial filming. Our work has been recognised with more than a hundred awards at international film festivals in Europe and the USA.

We will film and live aboard the catamaran, where we will spend at least eight months a year. This way, we will have a better chance to capture a time-lapse on specific destinations and observe changes in the environment and behaviour of animals throughout the year.

Throughout the filming, one or two of the cabins of the catamaran will be available for people/investors interested in personal participation in the project:

Virtual Reality – we have partnered closely with virtual reality architects and developers to create an unparalleled immersive experience. Our Escape to Nature Island connects physical reality, the internet, virtual reality, and augmented reality seamlessly, offering our users infinite possibilities. Our mission includes providing an inclusive experience for people with disabilities, particularly children, bedridden individuals, and those who are unable to travel to remote areas of our planet for various reasons.

We invite everyone who is interested in exploring the world of silence, exploring the underwater world and spending some time with our filmmakers and marine biologists on board the catamaran, irrespective of any restrictions. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can partake in this unforgettable adventure.

Our team members will guide you through the most remote places on our planet, allowing you to experience unique feelings and sensations that may have previously been out of reach for you. You can participate in our project, events and discussions from any place on our planet using virtual glasses and view photos taken during our expeditions in our virtual gallery. Additionally, you can purchase special NFTs from the Escape to Nature project collection or even large-format photos to decorate your homes, offices, or social spaces.

Escape to Nature offers an exceptional opportunity for anyone to explore the underwater world, and we are excited to welcome you aboard our catamaran.

Follow us aboard

Escape to Nature is an independent film and photography production that ensures all filmmaking and production costs from its resources. However, there is a co-production with TV Channels. Therefore, most of the budget is still dependent on external sources and our partners, sponsors, and investors’ support.

The longstanding catamaran usage during shooting documentary films in exotic destinations (8 months a year) guarantees better quality content for project parts, as it can provide accommodation and a safe base for the Escape to Nature team. Moreover, continuous stay on the catamaran of the whole team will allow us more flexibility in movement, self-sufficiency, and filming on locations according to our current needs.

We are gradually establishing contacts and cooperating with marine biologists and foundations to protect the oceans and underwater life in connection with our project.

  • We are honoured that Lagoon, a catamaran manufacturer, is one of the main partners. We will cooperate closely with Club Lagoon and its members on exciting events in the Pacific. The project and collaboration between Lagoon and Escape to Nature were officially unveiled on 8th September 2021 at the Cannes Yachting Festival – the largest boat fair in Europe.
  • Another important partner of our project is MARES, a producer of professional scuba gear who will support us throughout the project in the Pacific.
  • We continue the long-term close cooperation with the Canon brand. We have been using photo and film cameras and lenses for over two decades.

Investment Opportunity & Stay aboard the Catamaran – We offer many benefits to partners and sponsors of our upcoming Escape to Pacific project. You have the opportunity to support a unique and meaningful conservation project aimed at marine wildlife, coral reefs, and their monitoring. We will record the effects of climate change and ocean warming on the underwater world’s quality and the ocean. Come and take part in the shooting in person, stay a few days on the catamaran with our team, and have a stable yield in euros for five years. Become an investor, project partner, or member of the Escape to Nature team at the same time. During the project, we will explore unknown places in this Pacific part of our planet.

Support the project – We look forward to future partners and sponsors interested in supporting this unique project to protect untouched Nature and Marine Wildlife. Send us an e-mail, click on the “Donations” page or support the Project in any amount right now by clicking on the banner below:

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Click on the banner and send any amount

Independence during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and other global health crises of our time – the important notice for partners and investors:
Our project is not and will not be endangered in the event of the continuation of the disease with coronavirus (Covid-19), as our team will move in isolation from civilisation aboard our catamaran. The catamaran will be equipped so that we are not dependent on the mooring in ports. The devices will produce our energy using solar panels and generators. We will be independent and eliminate frequent marina stops to refill water tanks. We will produce clean, fresh drinking water from seawater. A Watermaker desalination system treats virtually any seawater source into fresh, safe water, which can be used for drinking, bathing, food preparation, deck and exterior wash-downs, and various other uses.

We will regularly provide images and short video clips for free use. This content will be shared free of charge with all partners, sponsors, and those who support us and contribute any amount as a donation to our project. In addition, we are preparing our broadcast internet channel with a connection to social networks, where you can regularly get the latest information from the filming with the possibility of participating in discussions.