The long term film and photography production project Escape to Nature was founded in 2008 by Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova, both documentary filmmakers, professional photographers, scuba divers, travellers, and nature conservationists, driven by Libor and Petra´s similar interests and perception of nature.

Since then, Escape to Nature has received over ninety awards at international film festivals in the Czech Republic (Czechia) and abroad.

In February 2020, we founded the company “Escape to Nature B.V.” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a film production company for the production of audiovisual programs for television channels and advertising.

In September 2021, Escape to Nature B.V. agreed on long-term cooperation and partnership with the largest catamaran manufacturer in the world – Lagoon Catamarans (France). The Escape to Nature team will operate on the Lagoon 55 catamaran for five years in the Pacific; a part called Melanesia. Escape to Nature thus acquires an important partner in the Escape to Pacific project.

Trade Mark “Escape to Nature” – THE EUROPEAN UNION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (EUIPO) confirmed the entry “Escape to Nature” in the Register of European Union trade marks under the registration number: 018216797 on 28 August 2020.

Escape to Nature team members focuses mainly on marine life, coral reefs, their protection and monitoring in remote parts of the archipelagos, especially the Pacific. During their expeditions to the mountains, forests, and other remote places on our planet, they know how to capture the uniqueness of the nature they see and the local people they meet. Their films, photos, and videos are spiced up by real-life stories and background details of their mutual work.

Their core competencies are the complete production of documentary films, music videos, commercials, including filming underwater or in the sky using remote-controlled drones (DJI Inspire 2).

“We put all our knowledge and skills into our movies, photos, and articles, which should show our audience the hidden depths of nature. We are meticulous about the quality of photographic and film shoots, focusing not only on the beauty but also the fragility of life on our blue planet. We want to contribute our work to the protection of marine life and the preservation of cleanliness of the seas and oceans.”

The previews from their expeditions are published on this website and also in social and travel magazines, exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. From the main shooted footage, the authors create documentaries for TV broadcasting in the Czech Republic and abroad, short videos for web presentations, advertisements, adjusted large-format photographs, calendars, books, etc.
Films are regularly broadcasted on the CT2 TV channel under the name Escape to Nature. Czech Television was the co-producer of the last six episodes completed before 2018.

If you like documentaries and the work of Escape to Nature production becomes a sponsor, partner, donor, or personally participate in their next Escape to Nature project such as Escape to Pacific which will take place in exotic Pacific Ocean destinations.

More about the members of the Escape to Nature team.

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  • Escape to Costa Rica / trilogy (3x 52′)
  • Escape to Maldives (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Papua-New Guinea (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Vanuatu (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Saint Lucia (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Tahiti and Her Islands (1x 52′)
  • Escape to Mauritius (1x 50′)

Posters of the completed films:

Co-workers on Escape to Nature projects:

  • Cameramen: Libor Spacek, Jakub Simunek, Tomas Dolezal, Milos Mejla Dolezal
  • Film commentaries: Petra Dolezalova
  • Film editor: Vilem Srail
  • Sound Engineering: Jiri Klenka and Vladka Cafourkova from KlenkaSound studio
  • Composers and Musicians: Michal Pavlicek, Ole Johrn Myklebust (Norway), Ondrej Toul, Jiri Skorpik, Michal Dvorak, Vladivojna la Chia, Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer
  • Films are regularly broadcasted on the CT2 TV channel under the name Escape to Nature. Czech Television was the co-producer of the last six episodes.