“Escape to Pacific” – 10 new episodes filmed as a new documentary series

We invite partners, sponsors and the acquisition of TV channels to participate in the new project “Escape to Pacific”

We are preparing a longstanding project for the 2019–2025


We can do it as we have several-year experience with documentary films making for TV broadcasting, the specialization for underwater filming, using drones (UAS) for aerial photography, and we have won over 70 prizes on international film festivals in Czech Republic, Europe and USA.

The conclusion after a detailed and contained research of particular world known
brands of catamaran producers is that the most suitable size of catamaran for these
purposes would be 50′ to 55′ length. We have chosen catamaran Lagoon 52′ which will be equipped and branded for our project. This Catamaran is going to be introduced by Lagoon Catamarans producer at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019.

We are honored that the Lagoon Catamarans will be one of the major partners and we will cooperate closely with the Club Lagoon and its members on interesting events in Pacific.

Escape to Nature is an independent film production which ensure all costs for film making and production from its own resources. Though there is a co-production with TVs, most of the budget is still dependant on external sources and the support of our partners, sponsors and investors.

The longstanding catamaran usage during making documentary films in exotic destinations [6 – 8 months in a year] is a guarantee of taking better quality snapshots for project parts as it can ensure the accommodation and a safe base for film staff of the Escape to Nature production. The stay on a catamaran will enable more flexibility of moving and changing places of the whole team together with all movie cameras and film making equipment.

We are looking for partners and sponsors. If you are interested to support this unique project aimed at protecting untouched nature and wildlife, send us an e-mail

“Escape to Nature” is offering the opportunity to partner, invest and/or co produce our next project, “Escape to Pacific”. Consisting of 10 documentary episodes from remote islands. The plan is to produce 2-3 films per year for 5 years in the Pacific. Filming will take over 6-8 months per year. We are looking for partners to invest 50% of the budget. The Lagoon 52F catamaran will serve as collateral for the investor with full insurance coverage (All Risk in favor of the investor).