Support the documentary series Escape to Pacific – the marine wildlife conservation project aimed at researching and monitoring remote coral reefs in Melanesia.

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Click on the banner and send any amount

Everyone who will donate us a financial contribution will receive the special “Donor Certification” with thanks signed by the Escape to Nature project authors.

Escape to Nature” is a team of professional enthusiasts and volunteers who do not feel indifferent to the fate of our planet, and they struggle to preserve and protect the life on the Earth – dry land, seas, oceans. They have been working on a long-term basis to show how to protect endangered ecosystems and wildlife worldwide. In recent years we have made award-winning film documents focused on ecotourism and nature with an innovative and targeted approach to preserving key, iconic species in danger of habitat loss.

The new project of the upcoming documentary series called Escape to Pacific represents a significant investment for us. A new document focus model is emerging, highlighting issues related to pollution of the seas, oceans, endangered species and the impact of global warming on underwater life.
The Project will focus on:

  • threats to coral reef ecosystems because of sea and ocean warming and water pollution
  • wildlife protection
  • cooperation with ocean biologists
  • participation in the research of certain areas

The Project will focus on:

  • involving the activities of biologists and rescue centres focused on various wildlife species
  • personal participation in scientific researches and the subsequent media coverage of them
  • cooperation with local and international organizations for nature protection presentations of films and photos via TV media, film festivals, social networks
  • exhibition of photographs and the film project through virtual reality (VR glasses – Oculus);
  • promoting the best ideas of partners and acquiring new significant resources for the best use in certain areas.

Based on previous experience from projects in the Pacific including the support of local government and private partners we are going to make films in the following destinations:

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands
  • Vanuatu
  • New Caledonia
  • Fiji
    … and the other Pacific islands

We record the past for the future.“

If you decide to support our project, participate in our expeditions or donate money to the upcoming Escape to Nature project, your name, company name, or product name will appear on our website as well as in the final titles of documentaries and/or short video clips. Your contribution will help us make more films aimed at biodiversity protection and increase awareness about the possibility of having a better and safer world for future generations.

In collaboration with scientists, biologists, international organizations for sea and ocean wildlife protection and the support of world universities, it is essential to ask interested people to sponsor or other financial support of this unique Project.
Every year we will choose and support a few students and volunteers to spend several days on the catamaran.

Marine wildlife protection project aimed at research and monitoring of animals. Your donation will be 100% used for the Escape to Pacific project and for the production of new documentaries.

Invitation to virtual reality – everyone who supports us will receive an invitation through the link to the virtual gallery Escape to Nature. Browse the photo gallery through VR glasses. We offer donors and sponsors the placement of thanks in the film’s captions (from the date of the gift provided in the subsequently completed film).