The catamaran’s name “Blue Turtle” comes of our long-standing Project “Escape to Nature” logo. We’ll set off for a new expedition in autu 2020.

Based on the agreement with our partners Lagoon Catamarans (France) and Altumare (The official representant of catamaran sellers) we’ll set off our long-term Project in Pacific on the newly completed catamaran Lagoon 52F. We are gradually planning and implementing all necessary steps to start this project by sailing from Australian Brisbane (or Cairns) to Port Moresby, the main port of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The catamaran will be equipped for the complex needs of underwater filming and working of our team as we are supposed to stay on board for a long time without coming back to port conveniences every week.

We are planning to collaborate with expert biologists and scientists in the Pacific region. We hope the project can attract more interesting partners and volunteers. As such we can increase our visibility around the world in order to become one of the best worldwide promotions for our call to contribute to saving our planet. The Escape to Pacific can go viral through sharing information on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiter, Instagram) and websites.

We will also cooperate with other scientists from all over the world, focusing on marine biology and wildlife conservation. Become significant partner, sponsor, or donor, and personally participate in creation with us of the Escape to Pacific project.

Scientists and volunteers from all over the world focusing on marine biology and wildlife preservation will be invited to stay on board of the catamaran when filming in certain places.

We appreciate any support or cooperation of everyone interested in the Project. Become a part of an extraordinary project according to your choice, possibilities, preferences:

  • you could support us with finance
  • become our official partner
  • share information about the Project Escape to Pacific on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) or websites
  • we offer several-day stay on the catamaran and taking part in filming in various areas of our activities to important partners, sponsors, donors

The Project will be promoted during filming and after being finished via media to the whole world.