The catamaran’s name comes from our long-standing project “Escape to Nature” logo. We’ll set off for a new expedition at the end of 2022.

Lagoon 55

Based on the partnership with Lagoon Catamarans (France) and Altumare (the official representative of Lagoon sellers), we’ll set off our long-term film project in the Pacific on the newly completed catamaran Lagoon 55. The project and partnership between Lagoon and Escape to Nature was officially unveiled at a press conference on September 8, 2021, at the Cannes Yachting Festival – the largest boat fair in Europe.

We are gradually planning and implementing all necessary steps to start this project by sailing from Australian Brisbane (or Cairns) to Port Moresby, the main port of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The catamaran will be equipped for the complex needs of underwater filming and working of our team as we are supposed to stay on board for a long time without coming back to port conveniences every week.

Do you want to become a film crew member and be at the birth of new films? Do you want to spend some time aboard a luxury catamaran led by experienced captains? Are you interested in filming and photographing the most remote places on our planet? Do you want to improve your underwater shooting with the assistance of experienced professionals? We are preparing and will be launching this option in the reservation system, where you will be able to choose a term and attend the filming in person. Naturally, those who become partners of the project or the owners of Escape to Nature B.V. bonds will take precedence over the others in the reservation system and receive a discounted price of 20% compared to the current prices. However, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to sail on the five-cabin version of the Lagoon 55 catamaran with us in an above-standard equipped even for the most demanding travellers.

We will produce VR videos from the underwater world that we will film in 360 degrees. Thanks to virtual reality glasses – OCULUS Quest 2 – you will be able to connect with our project and us from anywhere on our planet.

We will collaborate with expert marine biologists and scientists in the Pacific region. We hope the project can attract more interesting partners and volunteers. As such, we can increase our visibility worldwide to become one of the best worldwide promotions for our call to contribute to saving our planet. The Escape to Pacific can go virally, sharing social networks (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram) and websites. We will launch our own YouTube channel, where you will be able to learn about our experiences, discoveries regularly, new footage, and the team’s life aboard the catamaran.

We will also cooperate with other scientists worldwide, focusing on marine biology and wildlife conservation. Become a significant partner, sponsor, or donor, and personally participate in creating the Escape to Pacific project.

Scientists and volunteers from all over the world focusing on marine biology and wildlife preservation will be invited to stay aboard the catamaran when filming in certain places.

We appreciate any support or cooperation of everyone interested in the Project. Become a part of an extraordinary project according to your choice, possibilities, preferences:

  • You could support us with finance
  • Become our official partner
  • Share information about the Project Escape to Pacific on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) or websites
  • We offer our partners, sponsors, donors a few days with us on board a catamaran and the opportunity to participate in our filming in various areas

The Project will be promoted during filming and after being finished via media to the whole world.