January 2017 – We began to produce three documentary films titled Escape to Costa Rica. We’ll spent to film this new project throughout October 2016, where we’ll return back in February and March 2017.

September 2016 – The Czech Television broadcast our film Escape to Vanuatu on September 8 on the channel CT2 at 8 pm.

August 2016 – final preparation for filming in Costa Rica is finishing. We’ll depart in a few days and we will spend in Costa Rica entire month of October. Further continuation of filming in one of the greenest countries of the world will continue in February and March 2017.

April 2016 – We are preparing a next project – documentary trilogy titled Escape to Costa Rica. Filming will begin in September 2016 (four weeks) and will continue next year (January, February 2017).

April 19, 2016 – Escape to Maldives got “Bronze Medal” in category “Cinematography” at the “New York Festivals for the 2016 Best TV & Films” on Gala Ceremony at Nab Show 2016, Las Vegas, USA.

April 2016 – We have changed the “coat” of our website, which is now more intuitive and user friendly.

Year 2009-2015 – We have completed six 52′ min long documentaries of Escape to Nature series filmed in exotic countries and oceans, we made a fifteen minute poetic film about Giant Mountains for KRNAP, produced several movies recorded under the sea and from the sky with help of a drone … and we received over 60 awards at the film festivals around the world. These efforts would not be possible without the continued support of our friends, partners and co-sponsors. Thank you!