Libor Spacek, cameraman

Libor Spacek (*1966)

– Director of documentary films
– Cinematographer (DoP)
– Underwater Cameraman
– Pilot and Cameraman for unmanned aerial system (UAS)
– Professional Photographer (AF)
– Scuba Instructor (AOWI and SPI SSI)
– Sea Captain
– Founder of Escape to Nature

Libor is full Freelancer member of the worldwide community at “” 

Libor studied at the New York Institute of English and Business in New York City in the late 1990s and learned photography during that time. He became successful in the field of advertising due to his unconvetional approach to art nudes: capturing the female curves under water.

As with so many other photographers, Libor also finds the inspiration in the beauty of female body, which depicts in an unusual way. He takes pictures of models underwater. This lead to his most famous collection of work, “Underwater Fine Art Nudes“ . Libor made the first pictures in 2002 and up to date, his collection contains tens of large-format photographs, which he exhibits and publishes all over the world.

Libor has taken part in a few foreign projects and expeditions as a Scuba Instructor and Underwater Photography Specialist. These projects gave him the opportunity to create pictures of the underwater world, which focus mainly on macro-photography.

Libor is a world photographer and documentary filmmaker. His work has been presented in many publications, magazines, TV Channels and has got many awards at international film festivals.


In 2008, together with Petra Dolezalova, Libor started a great project called “Escape to Nature“, which is actually a number of independent projects of the documentary series. In August 2009, they completed their first project called “Escape to Mauritius“. The making of this travel documentary was followed through with a large-format photography exhibition.

Their first documentary was exceptionally succesful. It was awarded as the second best film at the  42nd International Film Festival Tourfilm Karlovy Vary and became the best Czech film at the Festival!

This succes was followed in 2009 by an underwater video “Oscar“ for “Underwater Opera“  at the International Short Film Festival in Great Britain.

Escape to Tahiti and Her Islands“, the second episode of the project, was finished in March 2011. And again, this documentary received many awards at international film festivals both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Escape to Saint Lucia“, the third episode of the serie, was finished in January 2013. This documentary filmed in the Carribean was also very succesful at many international film festivals.

Escape to Vanuatu“ was the forth episode, also garning plenty of international awards.

The most succesful film of the series thus far, “Escape to Papua New Guinea“, was introduced in 2015. Premiering at NYU in New York City it was won awards at international film festivals in Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, France, USA, Poland and more.

In April 2015 the latest, sixth episode of the series – “Escape to Maldives“. The festival premier took place again in New York where it received “The Best Award“ at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.

March 2018 – “Escape to Costa Rica“ new trilogy (3x 52′). Three films with separated topic. These films are produced in 4K resolution.


Awards – Every completed film from Escape to Nature production received awards at international film festivals.

In 2012, a fifteen minute poetic documentary film called “The Forest and Water“, was completed. It was produced for the the Giant Mountains National Park Administration. And this time, Libor took care not only of all principal photography, but the entire postproduction process.

After completing each episode, Libor creates a film trailer – a short video about the places they visited, focusing primarily on wildlife. These trailers become an important part of Libor’s creative work – just to mention a few – a short video shot in the Maldives called “Angels of the Ocean“ or the best footage from Libor´s underwater adventures called “Underwater Showreel“.

Libor occassionally works as a cameraman with other film productions. To mention a few – he worked with the director Pavel Bezouska on the documentary film about Mayan calendar „The end of the  world was here before and will come again“ for the Ceska televize (Czech National TV). The documentary was filmed among shamans in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

What aspects of my work am I most passionate about?
Untouched nature, the protection of animals in the wild, underwater world … I want to show people how pure nature is amazing, what people can lose during their style and attitude to live. Look how the current civilization is destroying nature and wildlife step by step, then humanity in fact gives no chance for its future.

„Escape to Nature“ award-winning film and photography production: „We put all our knowledge and skills into our movies, photos and articles, which should show our audience the hidden depths of nature. We are meticulous about the quality of film footage and photographs, focusing not only on the beauty but also the fragility of life on our blue planet. We would like to contribute to the preservation of our planet by our work too.“
We know how to capture the uniqueness of the nature we see and local people we meet. During our expeditions to remote archipelagos, rainforests and underwater world on our planet we have to show how nature is fragile and how it is possible to easily lose the animal species that live there.

Lio in Costa Rica