Libor Spacek
Petra Dolezalova

Escape to Nature – film and photography production –  a project which has won over seventy awards at international film festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Libor Spacek a Petra Dolezalova – travelers, filmmakers, professional photographers and divers.


Libor and Petra´s similar interests and perception  of nature influenced them enough to create a long term project called „Escape to Nature“. „We put all our knowledge and skills into our movies, photos and articles, which should show our audience the hidden depths of nature. We are meticulous about the quality of photographic and film footage,  focusing not only on the beauty but also the fragility of life on our blue planet. We would like to contribute to the preservation of our planet with our work.“

As experienced divers Petra and Libor also focus on the underwater world. During their expeditions to the mountains, forests and other remote places on our planet, they know how to capture the uniqueness of the nature they see and local people they meet. Their films, photos and videos are spiced up by real life stories and background details of their mutual work.

The previews from their expeditions are published on this website and also in social and travel magazines,  exhibitions, lectures and workshops. From larger footage the authors create documentaries for TV broadcasting in the Czech Republic and abroad, short videos  for web presentations, advertisments, adjusted large-format photographs, calendars, books etc.

Specialization: complete production of documentary films, music videos, commercials, including filming under water or in the sky using remote controlled drones (UAS).

Films of the production Escape to Nature:
“Escape to Mauritius” (2009)
“Escape to Tahiti and Her Islands” (2011)
“Escape to Saint Lucia” (2013)
“Escape to Vanuatu” (2014)
“Escape to Papua-New Guinea” (2015)
“Escape to Maldives” (2015)

“The Forest and Water” (2012)

Short video clips:
“Angels of the Ocean”  (2015)
“Underwater showreel” (2015)

Current projects:
“Escape to Costa Rica” three new documentaries (3×52 min) will be completed during winter 2017.


„We plan future trips, future „escapes“ to places, where the nature and local people deserve attention, protection and support. We record the present and the past for better future.“

Do you like Petra´s and Libor´s work? Support the next project from the Escape to Nature Production.

Become a sponsor, partner, donor or partcipate personaly in filming one of our future projects  in exotic destinations.

“We received more than 70 awards from prestigious international film festivals!”

What we’re looking for next project in the near future?

We are looking for a professional Co-producer, Co-founder, Partner, Sponsor, Investor for our long-term project Escape to Nature (series of the ten documentary films for TV channels). The Partner will be working closely with the Director based in Prague, Czech Republic.
The successful candidate has to be an excellent communicator with great creativity and good storytelling abilities. He has to help with the funding for the films, legal contracts with partners, sponsors or donors and should understand the law and logistics of the world. Knowledge of handling the camera equipment is not the necessity. We prefer the candidate with the experience with World Film Production and good contacts with potential partners and TV channels to broadcast our films.
We can discuss the compensation based on the budget of the film (not necessary participation in the post-production). We will apply for various film grants for post-production budget. Our aim is to create films about nature, wildlife, underwater life and natives. We want to produce films visually stunning. We use 4K cameras above and under water’s surface and by drone (UAS).

Our future work:

Could you interested to participate and support the film and photography production Escape to Nature?
Our goal is to create documentries and short films about nature, wildlife, underwater life. We have a plan to produce visually stunning films. We will shoot and travel on the catamaran for more than six months a year. The entire project is scheduled to shoot over the Pacific archipelagos and Eastern part of Indonesia where we plan to spend at least the next five years.