Donations and Sponsorship

“Escape to Nature” are enthusiasts, professionals, volunteers, who care about the fate of our planet, about life on the land and in the oceans.

“Escape to Nature” works every day to show how protect threatened ecosystems and wildlife across the globe. Over the past few years, we have shooted award-winning documentary series targeted to eco tourism and nature with an innovative and targeted approach to conserving key, iconic species threatened with habitat loss and animals.

For the future projects we have will create are some of Escape to Nature’s most strategic and impactful investments and are creating a new model of pointing out problems through new documentary series titled “Escape to Pacific:
– pollution of the seas and oceans
– the consequences of warming the seas and oceans
– threat to coral reef ecosystems
– conservation of wildlife

Therefore we have our missions:
– activities of biologists and rescue centers for animals
– cooperation with local and supranational nature conservation organizations
– showing films and photographs through TV media, film festivals, social networks
– supporting the best ideas from an array of partners and raising significant new resources for the best efforts in the field

We have plenty experiences and support of local state institutions and private partners from Pacific in past time, now we are going to:
– Papua New Guinea
– Solomon Islands
– Vanuatu
– New Caledony
– Fiji

… and others archipelagos of the Pacific

“We record the past for the future.“

If you decide to support our project, take part in our expeditions, or just donate money or gifts for other projects of “Escape to Nature” production, your name, company or product will be shown not only at our website, but also as the thanks in the credentials of our documentaries or video clips. Your contribution will help us make another documentary focused on protecting the biodiversity and might help to make the world a safer place for future generations.

If you want to support us, please send us an email, contribute via PayPal or kindly send money to our bank account