Donations and sponsorship

“Escape to Nature” are enthusiasts, professionals, volunteers, who care about the fate of our planet, about life on the land and in the oceans.

“Escape to Nature” purpose is to support the protection of the world´s biodiversity. We do so by making films, photographs, organizing or co-organizing forums and conferences. We regularly participate in international film festivals all over the world which focus on ecology and marine life protection. We work together with organizations, associations and individiulas who are alarmed by the changing conditions for life on our planet.

We make our documentaries in places where, throught the objectives of our cameras, we can capture the variety of animal species disappearing literally in front of our eyes, due to human activity. This activity requires considerable funds to cover both filming and processing and final post-production.

“We record the past for the future.“

If you decide to support our production, take part in our expeditions, or just donate money or gifts for other projects of “Escape to Nature” production, your name, company or product will be mentioned not only on our website, but also in the credentials of our documentaries or music videos. Your contribution will help us make another documentary focused on protecting the biodiversity and might help to make the world a safer place for future generations.

Where does your money go?

It helps us cover:

– travel expanses

– film production, music videos production, post-production

– the aquisition fees

– educational programmes

– costs asociated with festivals and lectures

If you want to support us, please send us an email, contribute via PayPal or kindly send money to our bank account